As the name (Conndign) suggests, we believe in developing the most appropriate software solutions for our clients. Established in the year 2009, we have adhered to this objective in all our projects and our growing clientele is a testimony of our commitment.

Through these years of service, we have catered to a variety of businesses from educational institutions to multiplexes, automobiles, telecom, agricultural-export, logistics and manufacturing houses in India and abroad.

Collaboration with CONSAMGroup

CONSAM Group is a diversified business house and an agile user of technology in its operations. We started catering to their software requirements in the year 2013 and decided to convert our association with them into partnership in 2018.

CONSAM-CONNDIGN, as a result since then, is involved in developing Standard Software Solutions which are developed on basis of Requirements and Ideas shared by the CONSAM Group and Technical (Coding) Expertise provided by CONNDIGN. The Joint-Venture aims to develop and market software solutions that will re-define the industry benchmarks in terms of perfection, flexibility, usability and user-friendliness.

The corporate office of CONSAM-CONNDIGN is situated at the CONSAM Group H.O. in Forbesganj (Araria) and the Development Center is located at CONNDIGN Office in Purnea. You may visit the official website to learn more about the Products and Services offered by us under the joint-venture.


To be recognized world over as Trusted Software Partners of Progressive Enterprises.


Our mission is to develop really useful software solutions that help our clients in their day-to-day business. In all our projects, we keep special focus at the smallest and most trivial matters that any other software developer would easily overlook.


Our pride is associated with the quality of our products and services. We love to adhere to certain basic values at work and feel proud about it.

Honest–We are seriously interested in our clients and providing them the right support for deriving benefits from our services. And we can’t do this without being honest to our clients and to our work.

Simple–Any system is only as good as it can be used by the end user. A system loaded with features and complex tools can be utter useless if it is not simple enough for the end-user to be able to use and benefit from it. It is this very fact that we always keep in mind when designing software for our clients. And, we do this by looking carefully at the smallest and most trivial entities of the client’s business activities which any other software developer may easily overlook. And we do this because we love to associate our self-respect with our products & services.

Responsive–Software development is a very complex activity. It is like designing jewelry items wherein we need to make hundreds and thousands of minute adjustments during development and testing. Being responsive to any small or big change in requirement or design thus becomes an integral part of our attitude and work life.